£48 inc VAT  each month (£40 ex VAT)


  • web portal service
  • 24/7 real people
    ​SOS call response service

The Service*

The Phone


How True-Kare works:

The True-Kare service has tremendous abilities with SOS, blood pressure & glucose monitoring, appointment and medicine reminders, GPS tracking and lots more BUT its amazingly easy to configure. So you start with just what you need, and turn on and off the things you need when you need them.

Just like the phone which has cameras, Radio & MP3 players, contacts etc etc etc making it one of the latest devices but if your parents are like Iris (steve's mum), it can all be turned off and made invisible and just do, good old fashion calls, the choice is yours

​The phone has two SIMs; one with your loved ones normal phone service and telephone number and a special SIM to talk to the True-Kare service.

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the mobile phone that helps look after mum and dad

24/7 Care centre responding to SOS calls

The features:

Life gets pretty miserable if you are constantly worried about Mum or Dad's safety when they are out or what happens if they fall. That is where the True-Kare service can really help and do lots more!!


Three things come together to give your loved ones outstanding protection:

  • A mobile phone superbly designed for mature users
  • A web portal that allows families to manage and configure everything
  • A 24/7 care centre which responds to SOS signals just in case!

So Mum and Dad get a great phone and the family get peace of mind.​  

You insert your existing SIM into the True-Kare phone so you keep your number and existing phone service . The cost excludes your  normal monthly mobile charge. The monthly service charge is to cover the emergency service and the web service.
If you do not have an existing mobile then we can provide a new SIM for an appropriate monthly charge

£140 inc VAT  (£116.66 ex VAT)


  • choice of Watch or key fob
  • initial setup