'Tom' is  a simple digital thermometer which measures temperature and displays the information in an easy way for vulnerable people.

BUT, the real way it works is because it can be used as a 'conversation piece' - How's TOM?

Digital Warning Thermometer
Monitor room temperature

Iris was a nightmare with the central heating thermostat, shifting it from 9 to 25 and never getting the house warm at the right time or deliberately turning it off to save money.

That is where 'Tom' came in, a very simple thermometer which flashes blue when its cold or gives word cues of COLD, Cool, OK, Good.

So now, each time we call mum we say 'How's Tom'  and we get the answer - its a bit of fun but it worked for us in getting mum to be aware of the temperature of the house. 

How's 'TOM'? - The thermometer to talk about.

Is mum or dad warm?  


How  'TOM' works:

Check out the video

£19.99 inc VAT  
(£16.66 ex VAT)

Batteries NOT Included
- Two AA batteries needed

Monitor room temperature easily
Provides easy reference for family or friends (ask How's Tom?)
Know when the temperature is dangerously low
Easy to read large LCD display
Descriptive word indication; OK, GOOD, COOL, COLD
Flashing blue LED backlight when COOL & COLD
Snowflake symbol on screen when COLD
Supplied with cold preparation checklist
Unobtrusive design
Purpose endorsed by major charities and organisations
Tough ABS plastic case
Low power 2 x AA batteries
Supplied in presentation box