Step 1
Press the button on your pendant or wristband. 

Step 2
The alarm base unit by your phone will connect you immediately to Age UK’s 24 hour emergency response centre.

Step 3
An operator will take your call and confirm that help is on its way – either contacting your nominated key holder or the emergency services if you need them.

How the AgeUK personal alarm works:

​Personal Alarm system

 £82.80 inc VAT  ​(£69 ex VAT)

Option 1 - Self Connect
​                        DIY Installation


Professional Installation
​Personal Alarm system

Please note: A Modern Telephone and electrical socket need to be in close proximity.
​There may be additional costs if the phone wiring or electrical supply is not adequate.

 £18.03 inc VAT  ​(£15.02 ex VAT)

​equivalent to £4.16 a week 

 £154.80 inc VAT  ​(£129 ex VAT)

The personal alarm from AgeUK


From the most trusted name in ageing, the Age UK Personal Alarm Service gives users the freedom to live independently in their own home, safe in the knowledge that if there is an accident or they have a fall, they can get help quickly.

Personal alarms offer reassurance to friends and family, knowing that if there is an emergency or if assistance is needed, they will be contacted quickly by real people from an emergency response centre.

What if mum needs urgent help?

+ Monthly Service Cost:

Charged quarterly

Option 2 - AgeUK Connect

                                                     Delivered & Installed for you