Meet some of our family:

It can be overwhelming, wondering where to start when first considering care for a loved one.

Understanding that feeling is the reason that Trevor, Sam, Steve & Julie came together to create assistage.  

Trevor and Sam have built an award winning and market leading home care service called Home Instead Senior Care  and Steve and Julie have created award winning global technology companies, such as SurfControl plc and 3rings Care.

Being part of the 'sandwich' generation themselves their combined knowledge of care in the home and technology made them realise that they wanted assistage to be different.

The existing world talks about using technology such as telecare to replace face to face care,  reduce costs and talks about 'connections' rather than Mum, Dad, Nan & Granddad.

This is NOT what assistage believes.

We believe that technology should be used to HELP care NOT REPLACE care, and that is our driving force and our difference.

From our own personal experiences, we know families cannot be there all the time and that sometime we all just need a little help.

We are here to help; here to provide the support needed for loved ones to stay safe at home without losing any personal freedom - leaving family members happy and confident that their loved ones are enjoying the highest standards of care at all times. 

Heather (79)
Test Pilot
Heather say she is a technical dinosaur of the modern age. The mum of our Chairman, Trevor Brocklebank

John (82)
Test Pilot

John says he doesn't understand technology but the technology understands him. The Dad of our Chairman, Trevor Brocklebank

"Technology should be used to HELP care


Iris  (83)
Test Pilot
Iris hates technology but loves family and is the mum of our CEO, Steve Purdham.

Its all about the family...

Trevor & Steve

So for us 'less is more' so when you look at the ideas we present to you check out the Iris score which is Steve's mums view of how helpful the idea was to her.

​It  should never be about the technology but about what the technology does and how it helps Mum or Dad or how it removes worry from the family. That is why at assistage we try to hide words such as telecare and geek speak, it's there for the people who enjoy knowing how things work but it always after 'what it does' and 'how it helps'.

Also we know technology never really delivers what it promises so we put everything through its paces with our Test pilots, Iris , John and Heather - our Mums and Dads  - by doing this we find out the problems as well as the things that really help.

So far, most products don't get past out test pilots and are consigned to those boxes in the garage and loft of the technologies that never quite made it -  trust us there are lots of those.