​FREE plug - Save £79

          with prepayment of

          24 months messaging service

 £288 inc VAT (£240 ex VAT)

Option 3:

Option 2:

​Half Price plug - Save £40

          with prepayment of

          12 months messaging service

 £183 inc VAT  ​(£152.50 ex VAT)

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3rings gives daily reassurance by sending emails and messages to your 3rings app as well as timely alerts by text or calls when changes in behaviour could be cause for concern.

Built into each plug is a mobile phone which communicates to your 3rings app on your smartphone or Tablet via you 3rings account.

How the 3rings plug works:

Check out the video

Just plug a kettle, TV or almost any appliance into your 3rings Plug and tell us when you want us to check that your ageing Loved Ones are OK.

Based on your rules, you and your family get daily reassuring messages to your smartphone, tablet or email when your loved ones simply make a cup of tea or watch the TV. More importantly you will get alerts if there is no activity.

No Internet is needed, just plug in, turn on and connect your ageing loved ones to the family.  

How the 3rings plug helps the family

The plug that cares

£79 inc VAT one off cost (£65.83 ex VAT)

includes first months subscription

​£12 per month for messaging service